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Soul Loss

Do you feel something is missing? When a person does not feel fully in his or her body and alive and fully engaged in life, is accepted as Spiritual sickness.

Soul Loss it is believe that whenever we suffer an Emotional or Physical trauma part of your soul leave the body in order to survive the experience, parts or fragments of your soul has been lost and has gone to another realm.

When a piece of soul get missing, we can end up feeling lost, incomplete and disconnected from a portion of our energy and can leave us feeling exhausted.

Traumas like: Rape,Physical,Emotional abuse, been in a terrible car accident, bitter divorce, shocking betrayal, surgery, death of a loved one, addictions, etc.

There are many common symptoms of Soul Loss: Lost, Stack, block memory, depression, suicidal tendencies, lack of joy in life, immune deficiency, unable to make decisions, unable to fell love, etc.

Our soul is our essence, our life force a part of our vitality that keep us alive.

Soul Retrieval is a Shamanic method that refers to reintegrate lost soul parts back into a person to create healing, once the other pieces of the soul are retrieved, the next step is reintegrating them back together, which will bring back the power and potential energy and vitality to the person.

Retrieving soul fragments through accepting what you experienced, it takes a tremendous amount of courage and emotional endurance and it also required a tremendous amount of Humility and Understanding to integrate these soul fragments back into who you are in a healthy way. 

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Soul Retrieval

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