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               Egyptian Tarot Reader


About Benedict


Hello my name is Benedict, I am a spiritual Tarot reader who gives accurate 

Tarot Readings. I have been reading the Egyptian Tarot for many years.

I am a professional reader who uses my spirituality to offer guidance and solutions to all my clients and encourage

people to look in a positive direction.

When you schedule your Egyptian Tarot reading with me you will receive a highly accurate reading that covers Love, Family, Health,Financial and can also detect Black Magic.

I do specialize in Psychic and intuitive Tarot readings and other Esoteric work.

Speak English and Spanish

The Egyptian Tarot


The ancient Egyptians received from the God Thot the sacred book with 78 gold cards that contained the secrets of humanity and the gods. Throughout the centuries we have received references and fragments saying that the Egyptian Tarot is the origin and source of all Tarots.

The Egyptian Tarot is one of the oldest Tarot in the world and it is known for it's Spirituality and Accuracy, and it has a special mystical power, energy and it predicts whoever consults it.

Benedict   0415332031

Sydney -  Australia

  • Benedict Egyptian Tarot Reading

All sessions must be done face-to-face to ensure the most accurate results. Please contact benedict for any personal queries

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